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At the bottom of the page you can read the rules about how the game is Poker. You can either play totally free with play money or choosing a table with very low stakes to learn the game of your choice. When you sit down to play at a poker table You should not necessarily be terrible player to win. You have to be just a very good player for this table. For this caution: when you see a table that is not a "lifting", do not insist and get the issue selfish. Find another where the opponents and your mode of play suit. After tapping a table just before you sit to play in this, he tried to take a position on the left of a loose player who plays many tricks or abruptly grows bet easily and right from tighter players playing more conservatively. If you do not have enough chips in front of you to cover bets or raises, but want to continue the game, then stake your change (make all-in). In this case claiming that part of the pot corresponding to the money, you had to cover your opponents bets. The remaining active players may continue betting, but are placed from now separately in a nearby pot. When the game ends, the first winner for this next and then for the main pot. Since you do not bet money you are not entitled nothing from the next pot, but you are entitled to win the main pot. You can buy more chips or put money on the table between hands. What you need to know is that you are not allowed to leave the table and "pop" up the car or an ATM to make money - in any case.

If the player who bets all in lose, then either buy extra chips or just leave the game. String-raise is the classic western scene: "We are in a saloon, and some wild types play poker, commuting threatening glances between them . One bet $ 20 and immediately the lens directed at his opponent. Quiet, no traffic, the agony in the vertical. Suddenly stretches out his hand on the chips in front of him and says: I see 20 yours - short pause - and bet another 40! " Well, that just called string raise - the first to do that is to call an opponent's bet and then you raise - and now forbidden in all poker rooms. This rule is designed to prevent the effort "playmates" or psychologists the rival observing his reaction, if initially put a few chips in the pot. How should you raise (to upload a bet).

If you want to upload a bet you say raise and then you get the chips and place them into the pot, or if you want to move simultaneously with the announcement. Any other misleading or sly move is seen string raise. Do not hurls the chips in the pot Avoid throw the chips in the pot, which would normally be confused with those of other players. Leave before you approximately as reaching your arm outstretched. The dealer will gather and will put in the pot once the current round of betting. If you play for the first time in a poker room or in an international tournament, is not ashamed to ask your dealer to help you until you adapt to the environment and Feel comfortable. Believe me very quickly - after 10s no hands - you get the hang of. per Betting Round In most games you will meet in a poker room, you are not allowed to add chips or money during a hand.

If you run out of money while playing a round, you can only claim the part of the pot corresponding to the money that you have at that moment. You can say so just say: "Wait a minute guys, take your wallet and fill money, while a hand is in progress "- ie as you would in a game between friends. You can certainly fill money or buy more chips between hands. Time out If you play at a casino abroad or to any international tournament, you have the right to stop the game shouting: "Times!". Of course not without reason but to solve any queries you have. The rules of proper behavior require that you should not make abuse of this right which you have. Players usually want a smooth and fast game with as few interruptions. Playing cards and dealing of cards The dealer - and the decks - emanate every half hour. Eileen players if you are not happy with the cards they get, they have the right to demand "change the deck (deck change)".

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